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Meet Marlo Flanagan

VO Directing & Casting
Audition Coaching/Recording
Demo Production - Commercial, Animation, VG, Anime
Coaching - Private/Group Classes/Workshops

Marlo is a professional voiceover director, actor, and coach. She's voiced projects for Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, Disney, T-Mobile, and Hasbro and directed animation, commercial and dubbing projects. Youthful, energetic, and unique personality specializing in animation, commercials, promos/trailers, narration, e-learning, toys, video games, ADR & looping, voice matching, and anime. For over 15 years, she has been coaching and developing talent across the US. 

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Be yourself and reach your VO goals

You're unique, and so is Voice Crush Voiceover. With Voice Crush VO, you'll get attention to detail like no other, from individualized coaching to directing to casting. Together we'll bring your ideas to life, bringing your great perspective to your projects. I'm excited to help you achieve all your voiceover goals.

Client Testimonials

SBV Los Angeles / A3 Agency - NYC

I am ecstatic to report that I have secured top-of-the-line representation in the month since finishing my demo with Marlo and even had agencies fighting over taking me, a first in my life.

Actor - TGMD Los Angeles / KMR NYC

Best voice-over coach in the business! From helping me figure out my unique way into the industry to getting my first booking, Marlo was there every step. With impeccable knowledge of the voice-over industry, Marlo can bring the best out of me every time we work together.

VO Director/Actor 

She is an incredible coach, and she makes me feel like I can do anything.

VO Producer/Director

It’s her mission to help people find and craft their voice.


Choosing the right voice actor and director who fits the product, brand, and project is critical. With Voice Crush, rely on Marlo to help you find the right actor and get the best performance for your project. Marlo's years of experience will help you further define the role of bringing your ideas to life, pinpointing the right tone, inflection, pace, and attitude that is vital for a successful project. 


Voice Crush runs a top-notch recording session with the highest organizational and communication skills. Marlo ensures the recording session goes smoothly and efficiently: breaking down the script, determining the flow of the voice actor's performance, getting the best edits/cuts, and acting as a liaison between actors, engineers, writers, and producers. Marlo's bright personality has helped cultivate a strong, personal relationship with the actors to achieve a high level of professional performance every time. 

Coaching/Demo Production

Whether you're just breaking into the voice-over business or already an established pro, I will guide you through every single step of producing the best voice-over demo for you and your VO goals. My process is a bit different than most producers. We work together for a few sessions so I can get to know you, so we can find and highlight your unique voice. My demos show off your personality so you can cut through the competition. 

After working with Marlo, clients have recently booked:

Marvel VG

Nickelodeon Blaze & The Monster Machines

Campbells' Soup Campaign

Audible books

T-Mobile, Indeed commercials

Nickelodeon Promos and Animated Shows

LOL Dolls Movies

Disney Animated Series'

Disney, Pixar, Netflix ADR/Dubbing 

and more

Miatta Lebile - Commercial
Dannae Hunter - Commercial
Allison Beteta -Spanish Commercial
Iliana De Rosa - Kids Commercial


Angel Harper - Commercial
Kyle Zingler - Animation
John Atkins - Animation
Becca Finn White - Video Game
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